We're back baby!

Hi all!

Going Downs is BACK this week!

As I mentioned to subscribers on Slack and on my socials, a family member / my generational soulmate who was very dear to me went home. The pandemic makes everything awful, and grieving very difficult without the ability to see family or attend ritual services or remembrances. Thanks for giving me some space.

Thank you all who sent messages of support and condolences to me and my family. I was honestly touched.

And, somehow, I got some new subscribers and sign ups (what up?!) during my hiatus, so thank you to whomever shouted me out. Welcome!

Look forward to:

  • Slack channel is back 24/7 (for paid subscribers) (Even if I’m not online, I’m online)

  • Blind item of the week (today, for paid subscribers)

  • Weekly round up! (tomorrow)

  • Brenden’s column (Weds)

  • My column (Thurs)

  • And Friday Funday!

As always, DMs are open, you can respond to this email as well!