SMAG is the dumbest charity I've ever heard of

Also #savethepostoffice and Return Bobby Berk's merchandise!

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I was a bad girl yesterday - had way, way too much going on and just flounced on the newsletter.

This was honestly the journey of my day yesterday. By the end, I looked like a “Be Best” PSA featuring a child’s art class depiction of Melania Trump.

(This is the recently “restored” / botched 16th century painting of the Immaculate Conception making the rounds today. We live for a glow-up.)

In other big me news, I did test negative for coronavirus, you’re welcome.

Finally, and way more importantly, I am doing a free webinar for Black writers on the topic of Cold Pitching for Freelance Writing on Tuesday June 30 at 4:00PM PT. The webinar will cover the basics of how to go from no journalism school (like me, a theater school kid) to querying random editors your fun story ideas for ca$h. If you are interested and are a Black writer, please respond to this email and I will send you Zoom details. We have 20ish attendees so far, and I have space for about 80 more people.

On with the show…


🔗 Lynx 🐆

  • Today is the National Day of Action to Save the Post Office. *clears throat* Think of the best card you ever got from your grandma, then remember that no tax dollars were used to send that card. The office is going to run out of money by September, then we’ll be stuck with temporary 1099 Amazon drivers swerving to miss hitting us as they navigate routes on phone apps for the first time. Not their fault, but the private sector is…not great with the mail. I posted this article before, titled “Do We Really Want to Live Without the Post Office?” which details all the cool services and public efforts the USPS provides the American public. Here is a list of local actions, the hashtag is #SaveOurPostOffice.

  • Women in Animation (WIA) has announced a virtual mentorship program, an online version of their in-person mentor circles. Any female-identifying aspiring animator, animation crew or animation writer can apply.

  • Did Quibi…kill people?

  • Lotta posts about fireworks conspiracies and a lotta sleepless nights being reported. Here are the earplugs I use for long flights, they are very comfortable. I also recommend melatonin, whiskey, and showering before bed.

  • Vice brings up an excellent question: so where are we all gonna pee now?About public toilets and the reopening plans in cities. Much more a NYC issue, imo, but nonetheless a valid debate.

  • Let’s horrify Europeans.A petition to rename Columbus, Ohio (as in Christopher Columbus) to Flavortown, in honor of native son, Guy Fieri is gaining steam faster than you can say “donkey sauce.” While petitions are not legally binding documents, I do support this one over the Britney statue idea.

  • Speaking of Europeans, here is a deep dive into how toxic masculinity caused coronavirus to basically wreck pro-tennis in the Balkans.

🌶️ Stars 🍵

  • My head hurts watching this Britney video. It’s kind of like something you’d watch before boarding a roller coaster. Basically it’s BS doing like a video step and repeat set to Billie Eilish music.

this is my favorite song off of @billieeilish’s album !!!! Towards the end of this video I’m wearing the same white and blue checkered top as I did riding my bike at the park last week 🚲. I shot this two weeks ago because I was proud and feeling good ….. check the date on my story and Snapchat 😉💕 …. reminds me of another song I love by @madonna ….. SHINE YOUR LIGHT NOW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ !!!!! PS don’t believe everything you read, hear, or see ….. follow your heart …. remain open to change and educate yourself 💋💋💋 !!!!!
June 22, 2020
  • Follow: Instagram account @DeuxMoi is doing a great roundup on their stories of random celebrity encounters that people DM them about! My favorite was a person who wrote in to say that when she hugged Khloe Kardashian, she smelled like, “money with a hint of citrus.” A comment on the Reddit r/celebritysnark (recommend) by user u/RockyRefraction, broke down what that smell might actually be made of, which, what a skill!!

If someone told me they wanted to smell like money with a hint of citrus, I'd recommend Tom Ford Neroli Portofino or Mandarin di Amalfi, one of the citrus Guerlain Aqua Allegoria, or Byredo Palermo.

  • Mel Gibson’s reps are denying allegations detailed in a Winona Ryder interview in The Independent. Ryder describes a party in which Gibson rattled off some anti-semitic and homophobic comments to her and a friend. I won’t repeat them here, but I was also struck by this odd story on the set of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

During filming of a scene involving Gary Oldman’s Dracula transforming into a pile of rats, [director Francis Ford] Coppola stood off camera repeatedly shouting “You whore!” in order to get her to believably cry. Coppola also attempted to get the film’s male cast to join in, too. “To put it in context I’m supposed to be crying. Literally, Richard E Grant, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu … Francis was trying to get all of them to yell things that would make me cry. But Keanu wouldn’t, Anthony wouldn’t … It just didn’t work. I was, like, really? It kind of did the opposite.” Ryder said that she and Coppola are “good now”, but that the experience sparked a long-time friendship with Reeves.

  • Keanu, good. Richard E. Grant, I’m disappointed in you.

  • Two weird photo galleries: Leonardo DiCaprio (some old actor guy from the 90s) partying on his yacht in a cowboy hat with a bunch of people in their 20s to celebrate his girlfriend Camilla Morrone’s 23rd birthday. Then there’s Dave Franco & Alison Briepremiering a movie at a drive-in theater in a parking lot wearing, like, what I wear to an Autozone on a “red carpet.” It’s real weird.

  • Someone stole (a lot) from Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk’s store and he won’t tell who! But he claims the person is a Real Housewife of New York cast member. People think it’s Aviva Drescher.

Berk pointed out that his employees were not aware that he was no longer working with the reality star. “They gave her whatever she wanted. She cleaned the store out,” he claimed. “Months and months later, there were certain things in inventory that I was looking for — I was like, ‘Hey, where is this?’ … They’re like, ‘Oh, they’re at blah-blah-blah’s house.’ And you could tell by the way they paused that they knew they had f—ked up. They knew they had been scammed. Because apparently, months went by and they called and they called and they called, and when they could not get any response, they tried to charge the card, and of course, it was declined.”

  • Today in celebrity activism is VERY BAD: I’ve been noticing Brian Austin Green (new ex-husband of Meghan Fox), hawking something called SMAG, which is a line of baseball hats for charity???? SMAG stands for “Someone Make America Great,” as in not-Trump. Yeah so right quick: not standing for anything isn’t a political ideology or activism. Green even gave Courtney Stodden one of his hats to wear in a paparazzi shot after they went out on a date for you know, press for SMAG and press for their weird rebound/jealousy date. All proceeds of SMAG go to the ACLU, but like, the ACLU is not an electoral politics charity. Other than lobbying, they don’t run candidates for office. SMAG is not SMART!! Ugly hats too!!

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