robert pattinson has a beautiful imagination

i imagine that pasta in the bottom of my garbage

Someone once told me that part of the job with creative people is to help those who have no imagination be able to see better images.

I’m sure someone once looked at Picasso’s Weeping Woman and turned to him and said, “But the lady is crooked. You need to fix that.”

I forget sometimes that many people just can’t think beyond a small hard box in their mind of what should and what should not be. They don’t even think of what could be.

Instead of imagining, for example, a world in which a sexist stereotype of a diner waitress named “Flo” isn’t the brand ambassador for their car insurance company after 12 years, they hire sycophantic “creatives” with similarly limited thinking to agree with them and write Flo more commercials. I have nothing against Flo; I bring this up as a small example of how trickle down unimaginativeness can plague us all.

3% of the world’s population literally has no imagination - a condition called aphantasia.

A vast number of adults have lost touch with their inner child. Then there are the people who seemed to be no-fun bores from birth. I have a distinct memory of a childhood playdate (age 9?) in which I wanted to pretend my American Girl Doll was a zookeeper for my pet parakeet, Stripes. The little girl I was playing with (also 9) said, “But Stripes is a real bird and Samantha is just a doll.”

That person is an adult now. I can only imagine, in my vast, big beautiful imagination, how she and others like her unintentionally dim the creative sparks of friends, family and coworkers. If you too, have grown up to be Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins, you could always use quar time to work on your imagination. Skies can be green if you color them in with a green pencil. No one will kill you, I promise.

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