my "soft power" is drinking tequila: it brings hope to the people

plus Heidi Klum cuts holes in an umbrella to get highlights, Melissandre blames Game of Thrones on us the viewers and which romcom should you watch

wow may 20, ok then.

It’s Cher’s birthday. I’d say Moonstruck and Mermaids are in my top 100 films. Both are truly underrated and if you haven’t seen them, you should! Moonstruck is both the perfect New York City and the perfect Nicholas Cage we all deserve. I recently rewatched Mermaids because Brenden and I were writing a mother-daughter-sister movie, and it’s just so touching. We also took in The Witches of Eastwick which is…insane. Just one of the most unhinged scripts ever.

Sidenote: I can only hope Lady Gaga gets the kind of wonderful film career Cher has had. A Star is Born is truly not enough. (9 days until Chromatica!)

🌶️ Stars 🍵

  • How is Tom Brady coping with Covid? By hawking a $45 pseudoscientific “immunity supplement” called PROTECT, which definitely won’t protect you from the virus. Doesn’t he have enough money? It’s a yikes from me.

  • Melissandre (Carice Von Houten) blames the fans for how Game of Thrones went down. She called the fans “a bit ungrateful,” for how we all reacted to the show’s poor writing and lack of focus. Von Houten also called the fan petition to rewrite Season 8 “scary extremism” which, in the world of actual political extremism, is not extreme. Let’s not forget Game of Thrones’ creators bailed on several scheduled public appearances including Comic-Con following the panned finale. 2 million people supported that rewrite…

  • “Katharine McFee Says Husband David Foster and Prince Harry are like Father and Son” Let’s break this down. Katherine McFee, 36, is married to David Foster, 70, and Prince Harry, 35, is “like a son.” If I were Katherine, I’d stay away from any age comparisons. This was said in an interview promoting a SMASH zoom reunion which, JFC quarantine has gone on too long. This feels like someone trying to attach themselves to former Royals.

    “When I was in London doing Waitress [on the West End], we went to a big charity event. Me and David just put ourselves in a position where we could just at least say hello, and they were really gracious,” the American Idol season 5 runner-up, 36, told Access on Monday, May 18.

    “My husband has, like, a really, really beautiful relationship with Harry,” she continued. “They’re so cute. They’re like father and son. We just stay in touch with them.”

    She also spoke about Foster, 70, helping the Duke and Duchess of Sussex find a house in Canada to rent in December 2019.

    “We just want them to end up wherever they feel safest and happiest,” she told Access. “I had very little to do with that [Canada home]. David’s the one who’s the resource guy. He knows all the places. He loves to help people. We just hope they end up somewhere where they feel like they can really settle down.”

  • Speaking of Royals, I have to roll my eyes at the official Royal Historian telling People that Kate Middleton’s ability to photograph her children is a “soft power,” she exercises as a royal, like she’s some kind of Robert Capa over here.

    "You would think that the weapons of a king and queen were perhaps their armies or centuries of tradition but what they have is the power of the media,” Worsley tells PEOPLE. "The visual is almost more important than words because they don't have that many opportunities to speak.

    “So, they have become very adept at using photo opportunities: dressing, body language, who they are photographed with — all that sort of thing — to express their influence. Because they don't have power, but they do have influence.”

    Except the British monarchy literally did use armies? To colonize and kill people? Like, what am I, a lowly peasant supposed to get out of this photo of Prince Louis? What “message” is being sent? I mean this is not Dorothea Lange, honey. My “soft power” is drinking tequila. It brings hope to the people.

  • Mommy Dearest Brooke Shields’ daughter tries to do some kind of TikTok which involves sucker punching her mother in the face with her purse.

    so apparently this was for a tik tok... 😂 utter disbelief!!
    May 18, 2020
  • Starting a collection. Jude Law is having baby number 6 with baby mama number 4. His eldest is 23. He’s still trailing behind rapper Future, who has 7 children with 6 different women and wished only 80% of them a Happy Mother’s Day. I shouldn’t bring this up, but remember when Jude Law’s 2 year old daughter allegedly ate ecstasy off of the floor of Soho House in 2002?

  • Rules for Thee But Not For Me or The Umbrella Academy

    Dahhling we found a way !😷😷 Social distancing highlights.
    Love you @hairbylorenzomartin ❤️
    May 19, 2020



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