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Plus is Les Moonves still a member of the club Lori & Mossimo got kicked out of?

Happy Monday to the Shredded Cheese Wife Guy and the Shredded Cheese Wife guy only.

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Also, for some reason, over the weekend Going Downs got about 40 new subscribers who are all based in Italy. I have no idea why. Benvenuto and e scusa for our countrywomen, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid invading/possibly spreading Covid-19 to Sardinia last week.

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  • Happy Pills. A libel lawsuit between Johnny Depp and The Sun revealed some “drug texts” that Johnny Depp sent on a 2015 trip to Australia with Amber Heard. I believe this was the same Australia trip where they brought their dogs and then had to apologize via a weird PSA for ecoterrorism. A judge required these text messages be released, so now we’re all seeing them.

    The text exchanges between Depp and his assistant, Nathan Holmes, took place shortly before Heard claimed she was subjected to a “three-day ordeal of physical assaults” from Depp while he was “under the influence of drink and/or drugs.”

    …They show Depp making a number of requests of Holmes. “We should have more happy pills!!!??” he said in one text, while in another he added: “May I be ecstatic again???” In a separate message, Depp said: “Need more whitey stuff ASAP brotherman.”

  • What’s that thing when a person thinks they’ve made a huge fashion risk by changing an aspect of their personal appearance but it’s really average? I would say that’s my experience of watching Jojo Siwa dye her hair brown in a TikTok? It’s just kind of normal?

  • No mask for Ana this weekend out with Ben + Jen’s kids to lunch. And a plastic water bottle?? girl get a Kleen Kanteen!!

  • Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris is playing Jesus in this insane-sounding B movie called Habit. It will also star Gavin Rossdale and Bella Thorne (as a nun). I’m not a casting director but Bella Thorne playing someone who has taken a lifelong vow of chastity / is married to JC isn’t my first choice for that role?

    A press release says Habit will follow a "street smart, party girl with a Jesus fetish [who] gets mixed up in a violent drug deal and finds a possible way out by masquerading as a Nun." 

  • Lori Laughlin & Massimo have been suspended from their memberships at Bel-Air Country Club. The Club’s “board” voted unanimously to suspend their memberships, but one board member was so furious the memberships weren’t permanently revoked, that he resigned from the BACC board all together.

    “BACC is a Club of gentlemen and gentlewomen. Gentlemen are not felons, and felons in turn are not gentlemen. You cannot be a member in good standing and guilty of a felony at the same time, it is a non sequitur,” Gallagher wrote. 

    He went on: “The board action, taken on behalf of the Club’s membership, now establishes our Club as a place of refuge and comfort for known felons . . . This matter is already well known in the golfing world, domestically and internationally, and our Club has become a laughingstock.”

    Nah, nobody really thinks about the Bel Air-Country Club that much.

    I did check to see what country club O.J. Simpson belonged to back in the day, and it was the Riviera Country Club.

    First of all, I think country clubs are bastions of racism and classism. Second of all, I think if we’re even doing country clubs, ex-felons should be able to be in them, if they’ve served their time. Third of all, CBS’ Les Moonves, who has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by at least 7 women is still listed as a member of the club in several press releases about Lori & Mossimo’s removal from BACC. IDK…maybe he should go too then??

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