lady gaga's weather channel spon con

plus attack of the drones

We’re gonna keep it freaky today, feel like yesterday I was a ‘lil emo.

I’m going on my friend Cait Raft’s Twitch show/podcast Hot and Rich today at 4PM PST! Tune in or catch the podcast tomorrow!

Mall walking outdoors. I have to share that after two months I have ~completed~ walking every public staircase listed in the guidebook Secret Stairs in central LA. That’s miles and miles, 27 different guided walks. (She’s crazy). I still have to do the West side walks and the Pasadena/Eagle Rock/Highland Park walks, but was holding off for social distancing.

The stairs are holdovers from when LA had a beautiful public transit system of trolleys and electric cars and the city cared more about helping pedestrians get rom point A to point B. I’ve seen so many crazy, cool, historic pieces of architecture, hidden parks, street art, celebrity homes, and sites of famous murders. If you live in LA, I highly recommend these walks as a form of serious exercise and a nice way to shake up your brain cells.

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  • This New Yorker article about Sky Palace, a commune in Bushwick, Brooklyn, falling to pieces because of covid-19 is both hilarious and heartbreaking. The Bushwick House Share Was a Haven—Then COVID-19 Struck. I used to live in Bushwick, and the big place back then was CastleBraid. There was an elaborate application process, a bocce ball court, a recording studio, a slew of scandals including a Twitter account that was anti-homeless and got very upset when people called them “gentrifiers,” and the fact that the rent, even for a “commune” was extraordinarily high for the area. I also remember going on a date with a resident and he told me that he had to “ask permission” if we could hang out in the rooftop garden.

  • Evidently, the song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” has a feminist history. In rediscovered “lost” verses, the song’s writer, Jack Norworth’s lyrics mention a fictional “Kate Casey,” a rabid female baseball fan who represents the new woman of the 20th century. Kate Casey was based on Jack Norworth’s girlfriend, Trixie Friganza, a vaudeville actress and suffragette. I see why it was cut, but the song was supposed to start:

    Katie Casey was baseball mad,
    Had the fever and had it bad.
    Just to root for the home town crew,
    Ev’ry sou Katie blew.
    On a Saturday her young beau
    Called to see if she’d like to go
    To see a show, but Miss Kate said “No,
    I’ll tell you what you can do:

  • Recommendations. Here are some random underrated films I feel like mentioning:

    • Support the Girls Regina Hall stars as a no-nonsense manager of a Hooters-like chain in this empowering indie film.

    • Everybody Wants Some! Richard Linklater’s breezy timepiece about college in the 1970s

    • The Handmaiden Park Chan-wook’s epic costume drama about an elaborate plot to seduce an heiress out of her inheritance.

    • Tangerine Shot on an iPhone, this is the most “real” depiction of present day LA I’ve seen. It’s great.

  • Bizness: How King Arthur Flour, a 200-year old company on the decline, had to adapt to pandemic panic baking: they hired up their baking school staff as social media experts, started a Baker’s Hotline to advise new bakers, they adjusted production to meet a 600% increase, and started two new YouTube baking shows.

🌶️ Stars 🍵

  • Truly disappointed in Oscar Isaac right now. It’s so dorky. Sigh. I suppose this will be the first of many young celebrities we’ll see begrudgingly donning Biden merch in an effort for the DNC to get the youth vote to rally around one of the two dementia candidates.

  • I guess if you’ve directed Swingers, it makes you qualified to shoot a movie in space? That NASA x Scient*l*gy collab starring Tom Cruise has attached a director and it’s Doug Liman…In this very roughly, sort of Barstool-style Deadline article, the writer says…

    Clearly the space film will have an unprecedented pre-production that will involve training to be able to withstand an outer space flight, but I’m told in no uncertain terms these guys are serious and hopeful this can happen in the very near future.

    Who let “Locker Room Talk” become the house style of Deadline? What is going on?

  • I’m dying at this clip that Ira Madison III shared of Selling Sunset

  • When Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande do branded content for The Weather Channel, it’s just so bizarre. The effort this must have taken. I mean, is The Weather Channel suffering right now because people aren’t checking the weather because they aren’t going outside? How much did they get paid for this? Who was the intern that mailed them these flimsy umbrellas? Why are they flimsy? Doesn’t The Weather Channel, of all places, understand that those types of umbrellas are shit when faced with any wind over 2mph?

  • You can’t run from your problems. Harry and Meghan have reportedly called the LAPD five times in the last two weeks to report “drone harassment” by paparazzi cameras flying over the estate they’re borrowing from Tyler Perry. The Daily Beast says they still haven’t gotten their own security team, but are looking into getting one after feeling “hunted” by the press in Los Angeles. Friends of the couple are also speaking out against people who claim that they “invited” this by living in LA, saying they felt harassed in rural Canada as well.

    Nobody deserves to be harassed but I will say that I think they invite attention by 1. Promoting a new lifestyle brand, 2. Actively pursuing fame - both Harry and Meghan have sought out talent agents, speaking endeavors, voiceover jobs, and reality show contracts, 3. By living in Malibu on a property without a private beach, 4. By being the first royals in about a century to snub their inheritance in a series of public press conferences.

  • Speaking of Pandemic Fatigue how are Ana and Ben not tired of this? They took Ben’s kids out on a pap-planned walk this weekend as well. They must be getting something on the back end, right?

  • Brad Pitt is absolutely not having a midlife crisis, nobody is saying that. At all. But he is considering buying musician Flea’s $20K BMW motorcycle . He met up with the Red Hot Chili Pepper to check it out. Alia Shawkat, who is definitely not his girlfriend, will be so impressed!

  • Cease & Desist. A plastic surgeon posted a TikTok pointing out the differences in Hailey Bieber’s nose, saying her claims that she “never” got plastic surgery are “impossible.” Well, Hailey and Justin sent him a cease and desist and threatened legal action against him. Their claims: "misappropriation of name, likeness, image and persona for commercial purposes, misrepresentation, defamation, slander, false light, violation of rights of publicity, copyright infringement, trademark and service mark infringement, unfair competition, dilution, and interference with our Clients' contractual obligations to third parties." The surgeon released a statement to E! kind of daring them to follow up on their threats, and said he was entitled to his opinion. Hailey also posted a picture of her mother as a form of “proof” before deleting this. The whole thing has created a Streisand Effect, in my opinion. Why respond?

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