kendall jenner has to pay her equivalent of 1 nice pair of jeans plus tax

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  • This Vanity Fair profile of Catherine O’Hara features photography taken by DRONES sent to her house. Lol, technology is a wild ride. There’s also this gem about a crazy Godspell production of all future celebs that led O’Hara to maybe kiss Martin Short.

    After seeing the legendary 1972 Toronto production of Godspell starring Short, Eugene Levy, Victor Garber, Gilda Radner, and Andrea Martin, O’Hara remembers finding Short “adorable.”

    “I took the program home, and I remember kissing his picture because I thought he was so adorable,” she says, adding that she very briefly dated Levy years later.

    “I think we went out to breakfast once,” she says of her frequent co-star. “I think we must have kissed. But nothing further because he was a gentleman and I’m a good Catholic girl.”

  • These are the measures Tyler Perry is planning to resume production as if it’s a “military effort.” This is all in the name of resuming filming seasons of his shows Sistas and The Oval. I don’t doubt that Perry has the budget to do this, I just wonder about actual practicality and if insurers will go for it. Then there’s the issue of keeping crews just as safe as

    He’ll test the cast and his “drastically” scaled back Atlanta-based crew when they arrive at the studio and before they begin production, and four more times during the two-and-a-half-week shoots for each show. Everyone on the set will wear protective masks, and group scenes will be held until after the fourth day on set, when everyone has been tested again. Meals will be served in different “catering pods” on the largest soundstage to maximize social distancing. Perry will fly out-of-town cast members in on his private plane, and, since the studio is a decommissioned U.S. Army compound, everyone working on the production will live on campus.

    “It’s really a military effort — and no better place to do that than a former military base,” says Perry.

    I don’t doubt that Perry has the budget to do this, I just wonder about actual practicality and if insurers will go for it. Then there’s the issue of keeping crews just as safe as actors and abiding by union regulations (if he keeps union staff on.) Why are we doing this again?

  • Three nice dinners out. Kendall Jenner will pay back $90,000 of the $275K she was paid to promote the Fyre Festival. A judge ruled it as a “fraudulent transfer” since the Fyre founders knew they could never pull the event off. KJ has a net worth of $30 million, making the fee just 0.003% of her bank account. Let me translate that. For a person making $50,000 a year, that would be like paying $150. 3 nice dinners out. 1 new pair of nice jeans plus tax. 10 trips to In & Out for you and two friends. For fraud!

  • DUH. Duh. After months of mounting evidence, and pleading to dismiss the charges completely due to coronavirus (and being denied), Lori Laughlin and Mossimo Giannulli have finally agreed to plead guilty to the Varsity Blues scandal. What’s so funny to me is Felicity Huffman has been done with this since October. Becky really thought that privilege, money, and holding out would work. It didn’t. I hope Lori helps pickup the garbage on my street. Wouldn’t that be cool?

    Federal prosecutors and the couple’s attorneys agreed to ask a judge to sentence Loughlin and Giannulli to two and five months, respectively, in federal prison, the plea agreements say. Loughlin agreed to pay a fine of $150,000 and serve 100 hours of community service; her husband agreed to a $250,000 penalty and 250 hours of community service, the documents show.

    FYI, Felicity got 14 days, and served 11. The Hot Pockets heiress got 5 months (she reports next month). Lori and Mossimo reportedly hired a Get Hard-style “prison consultant” earlier this year.

  • In today’s “nobody wants to hear from the celebrities right now, trust us,” Joseph Gordon Levitt is doing some kind of documentary about people who “can’t stay at home,” from his home.

    We’re also doing a short documentary project called Who Stays Home? started by a woman in Oklahoma, who was feeling really angry and scared when there were cases of COVID-19 in her workplace. She can’t afford to stay home. She’s a single mother supporting her family, and so she’s still working. The truth is, it’s really not fair that some people, myself included, have the opportunity to stay home, which is the safer way to go. But not everybody has that opportunity. How much money somebody has shouldn’t be determining how safe they can stay from this pandemic.

  • This photo is yikes!! Having “offspring” is a privilege ($284,570 decision per child minimum, not including college)! Maybe rubbing some of her new CBD Skincare Line will ease the pain of…having nannies, cooks and maids? “Hey mom, remember when you called me offspring to your 15 million followers?” What a conversation!

    Homeschool's going okay.
    May 12, 2020
  • Today in all your favs are problematic: Lana Del Rey is 2000% a republican. Sorry! Her milieu is bespoke MAGA (only references eras when white and housewife culture was peaking - 50s-70s), she just said “I’m not a feminist,” she dated a daddy cop, she does not identify as liberal. I might lose subscribers for this one. Just letting you know!!!

  • Bradley Cooper is dating a 27-year old Leo DiCaprio castoff / model. All dogs go to heaven, all 20 year old models do gotta go someplace too. When Leo’s done with them at 25, they gotta go somewhere. Hey, A Star is Born is way better than Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.



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