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plus leave your bedridden husband to film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Lady Gaga’s Chromatica came out last night and I have 2 questions:

  1. Is the song of the summer on there somewhere? I think it is…

  2. Will there be more sponsored content for The Weather Channel?

I’m starting a new Friday section in place of Lynx titled, “Now What?” for ideas on what to do with yourselves over the weekend and in the coming weeks. Concrete, mostly offline suggestions of activities for these summer weekends. Here we go!

🏄‍♀️ Now What? 🥑

  • Take a soundbath hosted at Joshua Tree’s famous Integretron.

  • Drive-In Movie Theaters are all the rage. This Search Engine allows you to look for ones that are open near you. You might be surprised at how many there still are, some are even playing new movies!

  • Botanical Gardens are opening again! In Los Angeles, Decanso Gardens is ready. The Chicago Botanic Garden opens June 9, check your local listings as gardens begin to open up.

  • Have an Annie Hall moment, and cook some live lobsters from your grocery store. Most Whole Foods have ‘em. Lobster Roll Kit delivery is also becoming a thing.

  • Download a walking history audio tour for your next walk. VoiceMap has user-generated, rated audio walks by local tour guides and historians.

  • I honestly think anybody can bake a pie, especially if you buy a pre-made crust. If you have willpower, it’s dessert for a few days. If you don’t it’s dessert, breakfast, lunch and dessert for 1 day. This guide tells you what fruits are in season in your area for good filling options.

  • Have everybody in your quar group learn a card trick. Then have a magic show.

  • Microchip your dogs and cats at a Vet or shelter and/or double check the microchip you have in them is still functional and you still know how to look that info up.

  • Here’s a great Twitter thread from a film historian on all the ways you can watch FREE silent films on streaming.

  • Gambling among friends and family is always a good option if not to stir up temporary manufactured drama. What day will gyms be open? How many seconds does it take to brew a Keurig cup? How many steps does it take to walk across your patio toe-to-heel? Get a dice game going. Make the stakes high and dramatic! I swear to god this isn’t GOOP, yes, I’m endorsing gambling.


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