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An attraction to snow people / Jason Momoa as live-action Frosty The Snowman


Good god there are some good stories today. But first—

Some housekeeping: I am taking tomorrow and Monday off for July 4th weekend. I’m going to be spending that time working on a mini rebrand of this newsletter that will include some new bonus content and a tightened layout. Enjoy the weekend!

I was on the Social Discasting podcast this week, and it was super fun. It’s a thrice weekly conversational podcast hosted by my friend Brandon and they’ve had some awesome guests. We talked about lots of fun things, including William Shatner, Josh Gad, and the state of public toilets.

Also very proud of my husband’s show Warrior Nun which is receiving the highest reviews of any show he’s worked on. For reference, Brenden also worked as a PA on the show RogerEbert.com deemed “The Worst TV Show of 2015,” so this is very good for our family LOL!

Here’s a cool BTS video of how they trained for some of the martial arts scenes.


🔗 Lynx 🐆

  • If you watch 1 thing this weekend, watch Sixteen Thousand Dollars directed by Symone Baptiste. It’s an amazingly funny short film about what getting reparations would actually look like in the Black community. It’s literally a who’s-who of up-and-coming Black comedians in Los Angeles right now, and the film has been featured at like 10 festivals this year - it’s that good. Tickets are $3-$5 for a virtual screening as part of the San Fran Black Film Festival.

  • Speaking of filmmaking… somebody realized that most of the audience scenes in Glee used dummies. Wow, pre-Covid too, ahead of its time.

  • Science. Researchers have determined the ideal penis size (for hetero-sex) after surveying nearly 5,000 women and it’s 8 inches.

    8-inch penises induced orgasms at a 44% success rate. Coming in second was 9 inches — nearly the height of a bowling pin — with a 42% success rate.

    However, both 11-inch whoppers and 4-inch willies help women climax at the same success rate: a mere 30% of the time.

    Guess I’ll never think of bowling pins the same again?

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