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Plus Kate Middleton touching dirt!

Today I’m doing a free Zoom webinar for Black writers that will cover my tips on how to cold pitch outlets for freelance writing! Respond to this email if you or someone you know would like the details.

Here’s a Tweet I read about Barstool Sports that struck a chord with me:

Yesterday, videos and tweets by founder Dave Portnoy were circulated by an account called Resist Programming and shared by journalist Jemele Hill.

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  • Walmart promises to stop selling All Lives Matter merchandise “indefinitely.”

    “We fundamentally believe all lives do matter and every individual deserves respect. However, as we listened, we came to understand that the way some, but not all, people are using the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’ in the current environment intentionally minimized the focus on the painful reality of racial inequity.”

    Um…Walmart believing people deserve respect is news to me. 70% of Walmart employees quit within 1 year of working there, they cut healthcare benefits in 2018, they profiteered off of Covid-19, they’re known for pay disparity among women and BIPOC, I mean there’s a Wikipedia article titled “Criticism of Walmart” that is so long I can’t even summarize it.

  • Carl Reiner passed away today. My heart breaks for his BFF Mel Brooks. Here are the two of them performing the classic bit, “2,000 Year Old Man.”

  • Deep Dive. Who owns subterranea? Well if you’re caver John Ackerman, you’ve spent millions of dollars acquiring acres of underground caves in attempt to preserve and profit off of them. Read: The Cave Kingpin Buying Up America’s Underground from Outside.

  • A Cocktail Party Social Experiment, the Brooklyn-based storytelling theater experience is doing online versions of their fortune telling game. There’s one on July 13. I did this a few months back and really enjoyed it!

  • I had been waiting for the definitive article about Covid-19’s effects on divorced families. Well, Buzzfeed delivered. Parents Are Using "Social Distancing Contracts" To Emotionally Control Their Ex-Partners from Buzzfeed.

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