Celebs x Politics Round-up 8.11.20

Mickey Mouse loves Yeezy, Bari Weiss sitting next to Joy Behar? James Hong is amazing

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Last week, Karlie Kloss posted a birthday video about lessons she learned by her 28th year, which was peppered with several politically adjacent comments.

Some of the things the model learned: “I realized calling our representatives is a lot easier than I thought,” and “I am going to continue to use my platform to amplify the voices who have been at this for years.”

Most headline-grabbing, was Kloss’ statement that we should vote, because “We all deserve change this November.”

Kloss is married to Josh Kushner and though the two of them have publicly stated they are Democrats, her husband’s hands aren’t exactly clean either. Jared and Josh co-founded insurance company Oscar Health, which is notorious for extraordinarily high premiums, poor management, influencing Trump using skewed data (a conflict of interest), and like, hey, it’s health insurance, there’s no good guys there. Free healthcare for all.

This week in the Kanyidate (Ye’s run for office)…

This week in Oh No.

This week in Cool.

  • Daniel Dae Kim has raised $55,000 to get actor James Hong a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In a statement, Kim said, “James Hong just might be the most prolific actor in Hollywood history. As of July 2020, he has a total of 672 credits, which include 469 TV shows, 149 feature films, 32 short films, and 22 video games… This man epitomizes the term ‘working actor,’ and that’s not even taking into account all he’s done to help further representation for actors of color.” Swoon. I just watched Chinatown for the first time and there he was!

  • The trailer for Judas and the Black Messiah looks amazing. If you don’t know anything about Fred Hampton and his assassination, you should.

  • O Magazine has commissioned 26 billboards demanding justice for Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky. PS: I found this Marshall Project article on why it’s not so simple due to tangled and stupid state laws to simply fire and arrest her killers.

  • Look: pretty girl activism needs to be taken with a drop of Pepsi. But I thoroughly enjoyed this Bella Hadid photo series of her noticing NYPD not wearing masks and standing in a large group, then flipping them off. This is what I’m talking about! Karlie, take note.

    I am exhausted by all of the pics of police in major cities not following city and state Covid orders when other workers will lose their jobs if they don’t. Hell, in LA, the Sheriff’s Department had a party indoors at a bar in our neighborhood. Bars and indoor dining have been closed since early July here. I’m tired!

    #WEARAMASK we wear masks to not only protect ourselves, but to protect our loved ones and our communities. even if your local police force isn’t wearing them, doesn’t mean you don’t have to ...... so... wear a mask. it’s cute and cool. they even have different colors now so u can protect and still have a passion for fashion. be smart. let’s go. love u.
    August 8, 2020

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