Celebs x Politics Round-up 7.14.20

CATS songs at Trump Rallies, Lori Lightfoot gives Lil Nas X residuals, and #FindSomethingNew

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This week in the Kanyidate (Ye’s run for office)…

Kanye is in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, which is definitely a normal way to start a “legitimate” campaign. Meanwhile, according to a new poll published by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, Kanye was the choice for 2% of prospective voters taking 1% away from Trump when added to the options list.

Elon Musk backtracked his support for Kanye just 72 hours after tweeting, “You have my full support!” telling Page Six that he has now updated that support for a 2024 campaign.

Chance the Rapper tweeted some somewhat rhetorical questions about Kanye’s run, which many interpreted as full support of Kanye. I think he was just criticizing the two-party system, and how we got to this place where the choice is now between two white, male, elderly sexual assaulters with severe dementia.

Still, people got very mad, because the center and left is (rightfully) terrified of civil rights abuses under a second Trump turn. So, Chance had to dig himself out of the hole, while poking fun at actor Terry Crews. Crews got in Chance’s mentions, supporting Chance’s questioning of Biden and the soft support of Ye.

I don’t think anybody would have thought 2020 would have come to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot using the song “Old Town Road” to promote the U.S. Census but every day, life’s uncertainty never ratchets down.

Speaking of politicians using recording artists’ music for bizarre reasons behind the song’s original intent: Andrew Lloyd Weber has asked Donald Trump to stop using the song “Memory” from the musical CATS! at his rallies. Here is a clip of one of the world’s saddest songs (performed by Jennifer Hudson in the movie trainwreck) at a Trump rally:

This week in cool: Beyoncé partners with the NAACP to provide $10,000 grants to Black-owned businesses.

The grant applications are open to Black-owned small business owners in Houston, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. Applicants will need to provide and estimate of property damage or replacement as a result of the pandemic. According to the NAACP website, applications are due by July 18th, and recipients will be notified by the 31st. Apply at BeyGOOD.

This week in Ghislaine:

  • Ghislaine pleaded not guilty today at her Zoom arraignment for sex-trafficking and abuse.

  • Chrissy Tiegen is getting fed up with conspiracy theorists on Twitter who are flooding her replies with the lie that she was on the flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein’s private planes. After she deleted 6,000 tweets earlier this year, trolls assumed this was related to the Epstein stuff. She defended herself, writing, 'I actually deleted 60,000 tweets because I cannot f****ing STAND you idiots anymore and I'm worried for my family,' Chrissy's expletive-filled rant began. 'Finding me talking about toddlers and tiaras in 2013 and thinking you're some sort of f***ing operative.' I personally think this deletion was related to her old snarky Twitter persona not squaring with her current Mom/humanitarian one. During early quar, model Courtney Stodden shared screenshots of pretty harsh bullying and body shaming she received by Chrissy when she was just 16.

Filed under: messy.

  • Cardi B tweeted a racial slur when describing her sister Hennessey’s eye shape. She deleted it promptly then responded: ““I didn’t know that c—-y eyes was a slur like wtfff I DONT KNOW F–KIN EVERYTHING !!” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “We don’t even use that as a (sic) insult and I didn’t use it as a (sic) insult.” I think it’s good she at least admits when she’s wrong?

  • Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannuli sold their Bel-Air mansion at an $11M loss (to the startup guy who invented Tinder). The mansion overlooked the golf course & country club they were recently and unceremoniously kicked out of for being, as a letter from the board wrote, “felons.” Mossimo and Lori are trying to get their bond reduced, as they had originally used this now-sold mansion as collateral for their bail bond.

  • Ivanka is partnering with her dad in a new campaign to encourage out of work Americans to “#FindSomethingNew.” Right. As in, if you were laid off due to Covid-19, go find a job at one of the few open businesses despite the pandemic and not really having a skillset/education for those jobs. Or, go from skilled labor to unskilled labor. Apparently, Ivanka doesn’t own a mirror.

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