Big Week for Celeb Factory Visits

Friday Fun Day 7/10

Welcome back to Going Downs, the newsletter about celebrities participating in politics.

Happy Friday!

It’s our first Friday Fun Day!

This week in Going Downs, I discussed how Kanye’s fans don’t care that he’s pro-life, Brenden broke down how men on the left and right must meld machismo with mask-wearing, we had our first weekly round-up and for subscribers, I unveiled the Blind Item of the Week. I’ll be updating that if there’s a definitive answer.

🦜 Shout-Outs 🦜

If you have something you’d like me to shout-out next week, send it over and I’ll take a look!

  • My friends’ film, Sixteen Thousand Dollars is screening online tonight for FREE at the Seattle Black Film Festival at 6:00PM PT. There will also be a Q&A. I’ve shouted them out before, but the film deals with the practicality and humor of just what reparations would look like today. Donations are accepted.

  • A couple of years ago, I visited Bratislava, Slovakia, and took an incredible tour of Communist sites in the city. It was hosted by people my age who had grown up in Communist USSR, and the difference in our upbringings was pretty incredible. Brano and Peter, who run the tour company, are doing a donation-based video history tour on their site. It seems like a cool, informative weekend activity!

  • Chloe Fineman as Reese Witherspoon doing an FYC video:

  • I’ll be watching the following awesome-looking new movies this weekend: First Cow, Mucho Mucho Amor, Palm Springs, and Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets.

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📸 Photos of the Week 📸

  • Big week for celebrities unnecessarily visiting their non-essential “brands” undercover boss style. Here’s Sarah Jessica Parker and Hilary Duff doing it.

    Something really important to me about any brand I work with is how they give back, and my own brand is no exception.
    Your support of our brand and products allows us to support families who are going without, and so honestly I can’t thank you guys enough.
    To date we’ve been able to donate over 7 million products to families in need throughout the USA and globally. I don’t take the ability to do that for granted.
    Last week I got to tour the incredible @Baby2Baby facility and was able to see first hand this incredible organization working in action to provide basic essentials to vulnerable children impacted by COVID-19. If you have the means to donate right now, I cannot speak highly enough about them. On behalf of myself and my amazing @happylittlecamperbaby team, thank you thank you thank you!
    x Hilary
    July 9, 2020

🔮 Celeb Predictions 🔮

  • When I sat down to write this, my two main visions were that Armie and Elizabeth Hammer would divorce, and that happened 10 minutes ago. I was also going to predict that Jada and Will would do a Red Table Talk about their open marriage but they just released that moments ago. It was kind of refreshing tbh.

  • I predict Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas will split up by July 30, 2020. They haven’t been spotted together since July 3, which is rare for them.

  • I predict Kim Kardashian will move her kids and herself to Wyoming full-time to be with Kanye.

  • I predict Blac Chyna and Jeffree Starr will release a line of eyelash extensions with controversial/problematic branding.

  • I predict Prince Andrew will be named by Ghislaine Maxwell and formally indicted.

Have a wonderful weekend!