Bella and Hailey are"Yachting in Sardinia" During Italy's Lockdown

Plus Francine, the elderly Bat Mitzvah streaker

Statues should absolutely be able to charge phones.


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  • Another day, another fascinating Britney video. This time, she references “all her friends at the LGBTQ community,” like it’s a place, before being interrupted by her boyfriend and screaming, “BABY BE QUIET!”

    Happy Pride Month 🌈🌈🌈🌈 !!!! I love my LGBTQ+ fans so much …. you all bring me so much joy and I am proud to support you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 !!!! PS @samasghari …… 🤫🤫🙄😂😜💋 !!!!
    June 23, 2020
  • 🕵️ Journalist Tracey Egan Morrissey is asking some questions about how Stassi Shroeder can possibly know the sex of her baby this early in her pregnancy unless it’s for clout. Stassi announced her pregnancy in US Weekly last week, the exact same time she was fired for racist and anti-semitic behavior during her time on Vanderpump Rules. Well, yesterday, she announced “We’re having a baby girl!” on Instagram.

    • Morrissey commented that if Stassi is due in January 2021 (as she reported), she’s 8 weeks pregnant “at most,” noting “you cannot tell sex from an ultrasound at 8 weeks.

    • Morrissey says that this is only possible if they had a DNA test, “And why? To preserve her brand by attempting to change the conversation away from her actions and words,” in order to “stay rich and famous.”

  • TW: Sexual Abuse. New allegations about director/producer Bryan Singer by rapper Elijah Daniel say he has not stopped operating a sex ring, despite several exposés during the height of the #MeToo movement. Daniel’s thread revealed new photos on Instagram, where Singer is reportedly recruiting young boys to go on trips to Hawaii with him, and targeting early-career influencers.

  • A casting call for New Zealand actors with very specific features was quickly outed as being for the big-budget Amazon Lord of the Rings TV show in the works. I mean just look at the posting:

    Facial burns, “long skinny” limbs, acne scars, deep cheekbones, facial lines, missing bones, large eyes, and skinny faces as desirable qualities.

  • Yesterday, Twitter was all aflutter with the news that the European Union is considering a travel ban on American tourists because we cared more about going maskless in a Buffalo Wild Wings instead of taking the coronavirus seriously. Meanwhile, the Post reports that Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid are “yachting in Sardinia” which is a phrase just dripping with money. Sardinia, for Americans is in Italy, which has not lifted travel restrictions unless it’s work-related. Travelers to Sardinia have to complete extensive checks and a registration process to prove the necessity of travel. I guess #content is work???

  • Headline of the week:

    I love that this is an “EXCLUSIVE!”

    Attendees of the Zoom bat mitzvah for stand-up comic Gilbert Gottfried and wife Dara Kravitz’s daughter, Lily, last week got a little something extra when a 70-year-old guest accidentally exposed herself.

    “She wasn’t familiar with how to work Zoom and proceeded to take off her bathing suit, get naked, and take a shower in the middle of the bat mitzvah and entirely on camera,” said a giggly source. Apparently someone remarked, “OMG Francine is naked!”

    Yes Francine!

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