$90 Travis Scott x McDonald’s Nugget Body Pillow: that's 2020 for ya

Friday Fun Day 9/11

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This week in Going Downs: I got jealous of celebrities taking fabulous trips to Europe. Brenden broke down the inclusion rules for the Academy Awards. And Karlie Kloss put the A in STEM to make STEAM, and it confused me.

📼 Media Log 📼

Reading: I just finished The Great Gatsby again, so basic. It’s great, though, and every year I get older, I wonder why they even read it in high school when a key theme is about turning thirty.

Watching: I just started ALONE on Netflix. My favorite part was when the grandpa guy, convinced he was going to catch a bear and live off of it, fell into his own bear trap, broke his ankle, and was disqualified. I also watched Mystic Pizza for the first time, and dear lord I am obsessed with Lili Taylor, who played Jojo. What a relatable, honest actress. Um, Lili if you ever want to act in a short film…call me.

📸 Photos of the Week 📸

The big bad in the new Dune looks like something that should be bleached at a spa in West Hollywood.

This is how Stephen Baldwin engaged with politics this week and I’m here to say NotAllIrishAmericans, nor would we ever be photographed wearing a shirt that ugly.

Here’s a headline I read:

I’m thinking any number of XXX things. Thrilled for her. I scroll and get this picture:

And now I’m bored. Next. Here’s a $90 Travis Scott x McDonald’s nugget pillow that “ships in 9-12 weeks.” Lol. When your home decor just needs a je ne sais quoi, I guess you can wait.

Kim Kardashian “finally” addresses rumors that she has 6 toes…

#PressPlay: #KimKardashian says she does NOT have 6 toes, nah. So, y’all can stop the foolishness 😂(SWIPE)
September 10, 2020

Speaking of…cheers to the graphic designer who had to photoshop out the apple boxes they were stepping on.

For me it’s this series of Paula Abdul learning Akido.

So excited to be working with @liveyounglifestyle on a new television docu-series! 🎬🎥 She is an absolute joy! 🤗 What a fun day at @aikidocenterla❗️🤺
September 8, 2020

There’s a WAP drink at a Philadelphia Starbucks and I truly love these newscasters tasting it and making bucket/mop jokes.

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